US Federal Opportunities

Get Your Business Ready for Federal Contracting

Being the “Superpower” as people call it, US Federal Government, as of today, holds the largest military and political presence around the world. Rumors has it, they have 800 bases worldwide in 177 countries with over 200,000 personnel.

Each year, the US government awards hundreds of billions of dollars in federal contracts to businesses to meet the needs of federal agencies and the military. The government’s goal is to award at least 23 percent of those contracts to small businesses.

To sell your products or services to the federal government, your business must meet specific requirements. Although the contracting process can seem complicated and overwhelming at first, Projelite provides lots of information and tips to help you learn to compete as a federal contractor.

First of all you have keep in mind that US government provides “Equal Opportunity” to all qualified contractors/suppliers. However, your past performance, financial power to support the contract, your manpower quality, your company’s certifications and documentation you provide are significantly critical to increase your chance of winning a contract.

As Projelite Consultancy, we can assist you during your all steps starting from certification and documentation of your company to sign a contract and manage the project.

We see our clients as business partners. Our strategy is mainly based on “Win-Win” approach. For that reason your success will become our success and please do not forget that the best advertisement is still “Word of Mouth”.

Please contact our team and let’s discuss how we can help you with the US federal contracts.